Erm, Subs?

I know that I joke about typos in the newspapers and so on, but there are times when the mistakes are a little less obvious but perhaps more important.

Prentis was as good as his word. After reading history at the University of London and then economic history at the London School of Economics, he took a master\’s at Warwick.

As far as I\’m aware one cannot study at "the University of London". One can study at one of the constituent parts of it, for sure: the London School of Economics, or University College London (which is I think what they mean). The degrees are then awarded by the University of London, yes, but but you don\’t go to nor study at it.

OK, perhaps only of interest to others who have been to one of said constituent parts, but it is a difference and one that I\’d exxpect a newspaper to get right.

(If this is in fact subject to a corollary of Muphry\’s Law, please do let me know.)

3 thoughts on “Erm, Subs?”

  1. NOT a correction :

    You are correct with respect to this chap’s time in London ; as it happens , Imperial College left the University last year , and King’s, LSE & UCL from this year can award their own degrees .

  2. I’m pretty sure you can “attend” the university of London.

    I applied for a part-time law degree that is awarded by the University of London.

    The exams are conducted by the University of London and not by any of the constituent colleges, although you can choose to attend classes from as many of them as you wish so long as you’re prepared to pay.

    However, you would not have attended any of those colleges and your degree will not be awarded by any of them but by the UoL.

    I doubt that this particular guy was an external candidate though

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