Explaining fish evolution

You can imagine in a few million years, when flatfish have finally got themselves sorted out and the eyes are beautifully symmetrical over a neat horizontal mouth, that future generations of IDers will be loudly demanding to know how such a creature could possibly have evolved from ordinary fish. Where, they\’ll ask, is the missing link?

And the answer will be, well, we ate most of them with chips, peas, and a dollop of tartare sauce.

3 thoughts on “Explaining fish evolution”

  1. Won’t tale a million years. Already we can see how crabs fished off the coast of Japan look like Samurai after a few centuries of superstitious fishermen throwing the lost souls of warriors in crab form back into the sea.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Tartare sauce?

    Garlic mayonnaise if you please!

    Although one of the good thing about modern Britain is that the Kebab Vans do a good chilli sauce.

  3. …the answer will be, well, we ate most of them with chips, peas, and a dollop of tartare sauce

    Only if we preferentially eat the less symmetric ones and throw back (alive!) the more symmetric.

    As in Kay Tie’s example, artificial selection only works when the crabs which have more recognizable markings which look like samurai get thrown back into the water and the unlucky ones get taken home for dinner.

    So the example won’t work.

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