Gee, Ya Think?

Last year, 49,484 women their second termination, while 11,136 had their third and 2,605 their fourth.

Some 52 women had their seventh abortion, and 29 their eighth.

Campaigners say this shows that some women are using abortion as a method of contraception ( altough technically of course it is post-contraception).

Ya think?

3 thoughts on “Gee, Ya Think?”

  1. If you take the baseball approach and count those on three or more, then the number of women is 14,746, which given a fertile population of (and this is me guessing) 10,000,000 is 0.15%. Take a harsher view and add in those on their second abortion and the percentage rises to a 0.64%.

    I don’t quite understand the issue. Either abortions are a reasonable response to an unwanted foetus, or it is killing babies.

    If it is acceptable to abort a foetus below 24 weeks’ development, then the reasons for the abortion are irrelevant aren’t they? Or is this a complaint about NHS resources?

  2. There are differing degrees of acceptability. I find certain actions acceptable as a last-ditch effort but not acceptable as an initial recourse. So yes, it is acceptable to abort a foetus below 24 weeks development, and no, it’s not acceptable to treat that act as no big deal and casually repeat it.

  3. @ Mr P – indeed, I’m amazed at how low the figures for repeat abortions are. This is an excellent demonstration that the vast, vast majority of women who have abortions *aren’t* using it as a means of contraception.

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