George on Carbon Trading

The government will have to impose some kind of cap on carbon trading.

Erm, yes, they will indeed. That\’s why the technique is called cap and trade.

Quite how this has previously escaped Our George is beyond me.

1 thought on “George on Carbon Trading”

  1. When I read the article this morning, I thought we’d be due a rather more thorough fisking than that, Tim.

    What about:
    “The only factor now holding down carbon emissions is the price of energy. They fell by 2% last year, and the government admits that this “was largely explicable in terms of price relativities”.

    That’s where you say “yes, that’s how the market works”

    Not to mention:
    “we are exporting emissions that are difficult to address, and importing, through carbon trading, the easiest and cheapest cuts. ”

    you say:”and this is bad because…?”

    Come on Worstall. He’s practically begging for it.

    Tim adds: Aye…but then that some readers have got it means that I don’t have to spell it out….such readers can tell it like it is.

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