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So why is Iran being persecuted under the non proliferation treaty while Israel is not?

(Hmm, hmm? Tell me that you bastards who support Israel and demonise Iran, bastards!)

As is pointed out in the comments, because Iran has signed the NPT and Israel has not. There is thus no legal justification for doing anything at all about whether Israel has nuclear weapons or not.

We do want to uphold international law, after all, don\’t we?

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  1. There is also, as George does flash past somewhere in that rant, the Article 1 duty upon the nuclear armed state parties (i.e. us, US et al) as well as the Article 2 & 3 duties upon, for example, Iran. Admittedly, it doesn’t actually place a duty to interfere with nuclear-armed non-treaty states (possibly as the Irish assumed such would not arise in future.)

    Admittedly, the Article 1 duties are expressed as “don’t help” rather than “must prevent” and Article 4 strongly supports nuclear power …

  2. Comparing Israel’s nuclear posture (thoroughly deterrent) with Iran’s (loudly and unequivocally exterminatory) is de facto anti-Semitic. A world in which Israel has nuclear weapons is one in which Iran continues to exist. The converse is not true. It is not possible to argue, in good faith and with an IQ above room temperature, that the situation in which a secular democracy possesses nuclear weapons is in any way comparable to that in which a theocratic dictatorship (whose soi-disant leader is a millenarian fruitcake) possesses them.

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