"The Irish will have to vote again," Mr Sarkozy told deputies from his UMP party in a meeting in his office, several of those present confirmed.

Such a wonderfully democratic system. The expressed will of the Irish people trumped by a platform shoe wearing Frenchman.

8 thoughts on “How Kind of Him”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Can anyone find me a quote from Sarkozy on Zimbabwe and why it is wrong for Mugabe to insist that the Zimbabweans keep voting until they get it right?

  2. I thought that the British people should keep voting on membership of the EU until they say ‘OUT’ was UKIP’s raison d’etre?

  3. “…keep voting on membership of the EU until they say ‘OUT’”


    Once would do it, I should think.

  4. “…a platform shoe wearing Frenchman.”

    There’s always the Alan Ladd solution -Carla Bruni stands in a hole.

  5. Well he’s certainly impressed the Irish. Even the PM is not amused because he knows that if the vote were held again, they’d lose by an even bigger margin.

  6. It would seem to be the case that the only people interested in the EU treaty being ratified are the EU politicians, so perhaps they should band together, form the EPU (European Politician’s Union) and leave the rest of the population alone.

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