Hurrah, Hurrah!

The reality of modern Britain is that the freedom of individuals is increasingly constrained by the state. In turn, the freedom of the state is constrained by an all-pervasive global capitalism. The result is that the state controls the lives of its citizens in order to serve the interests of corporations.

Isn\’t it wonderful to find an honest to God barking leftie?

4 thoughts on “Hurrah, Hurrah!”

  1. Not sure I find too much to argue with here, actually:

    Of the 3 sentences you’ve quoted
    1) is certainly true.
    2) is true to a significant extent
    3) follows on from 1) and 2). I guess you could argue that correlation (which is observed) is not the same as causation, but I’m not sure I buy it.

  2. I agree with the analysis.

    But the commentor, being a leftie, has failed to draw the correct (and almost glaringly obvious) conclusion: that, in order to prevent the government from playing handmaiden to special corporate interests, it is actually necessary to reduce or eliminate their ability to constrain market activity in general.

    Soembody needs to grab the guy and baptize him while he’s still in a lucid moment.

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