I Told You Moonbat is Crazy

Lunar rockism is no longer just a theory about the moon; it has become a belief system so rigid that it can no longer be challenged. Scientists say the time for debate is over, that any criticism of rockism, however rigorous, is illegitimate, even dangerous. But this film will show that the evidence does not support the theory that the moon is made of rock. The rock theory is dressed up as science. But it\’s not science. It\’s propaganda. You are being told lies, and I can redraw the graphs to prove it.

I can bring together a group of the world\’s leading astronomers who, through creative editing, will confirm that the moon is made of blue cheese, probably stilton or possibly gorgonzola.

Everybody knows it\’s green cheese, not blue. Sheesh, and this man has a regular column?

3 thoughts on “I Told You Moonbat is Crazy”

  1. It would be amusing were it not for the fact that, try as he might, George has absolutely no sense of humour.

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