It\’s Not Just Max Moseley You Know

Some lauded them as plucky local heroes who harnessed new technologies to tackle problems that the authorities ignored. Others saw them as snoops with no regard for people\’s privacy.

Exasperated Madrid residents who filmed prostitutes negotiating with their clients outside their homes and broadcast them on YouTube have been fined for infringing the Spanish data protection Act.

Those privacy rights extend a lot further than some think.

3 thoughts on “It\’s Not Just Max Moseley You Know”

  1. Letters From A Tory

    But is it really any of our business what they do? Personally, I think what Max Mosley did was appalling but that doesn’t make it our business to find out about it and judge him.

    Everyone is entitled to a private life, although those elected into public office deserve much less leniency in their behaviour.

  2. “So how come Google is allowed to go around filming street scenes and putting them on the web?”

    They’re not in Spain, they’re in the UK. But in any case, we shall see if they are allowed or not.

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