Katie Couric on Sexism

Erm, let me see:

Katie Couric, the CBS evening news anchor who earns a reported $15 million a year, compared herself to failed presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton in an interview with Israeli newspaper Ha\’aretz.

"I find myself in the last bastion of male dominance, and realising what Hillary Clinton might have realised not long ago: that sexism in the American society is more common than racism, and certainly more acceptable or forgivable," Miss Couric told the paper as she covered Senator Barack Obama\’s Middle East tour.

One of the most privileged women on the planet wants to complain about sexism? Someone paid an absolute fortune to read from an autocue is complaining because her pretty face is part of the reason she\’s paid that fortune?

What next? Ronaldo complaining that skill is rewarded?

2 thoughts on “Katie Couric on Sexism”

  1. Ever walk down the street and watch men of any race objectify women? Mmmmm hmmmm. That’s one of the reasons we’re doing a comedy in NYC, “feminazi”, to address these issues both in and out of the workplace.

  2. “Ever walk down the street and watch men of any race objectify women?”

    Yes, men find women attractive, and women find men attractive. Its why we are here. If you don’t like it, you are fighting a losing battle as you have 3.5 billion years of evolution to fight against.

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