Kings County Hospital

This is pretty sick. Very sick in fact

Surveillance video footage inside a New York hospital has shown staff ignoring a patient for an hour after she collapsed and lay dying on the floor.

They actually had left her waiting for psychiatric treatment for 24 hours before she collapsed and died.

In the video, Esmin Green, 49, is seen slumped in her seat just a few from an observation window and then falling to the floor of the psychiatric emergency room at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn.

A member of hospital staff and a security can later be seen passing by without doing anything, the latter staring at her for about 20 seconds before walking away.

Another security guard later pushed his chair into view of the camera, looking at the prone woman before he too left.

This will undoubtedly be used as an example of the horrors of the US health care system, the way in which its profit making nature makes it so uncaring of the real needs of patients. You can just see people sharpening their keyboards, can\’t you?

Only one slight problem, sick indeed as the story of her non-treatment is. Kings County Hospital is not in the private sector. It\’s part of the Health and Hospitals Corporation:

The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC), the largest municipal hospital and health care system in the country, is a $5.4 billion public benefit corporation that serves 1.3 million New Yorkers and nearly 400,000 who are uninsured.

This is already public sector health care.

Wonder who the first polemecist to get that wrong will be?

8 thoughts on “Kings County Hospital”

  1. An everyday story from the NHS except the video camera would have been broken and NHS staff know never to approach a patient. NYCH still have a lot to learn.

  2. I’m not playing your game: I spotted the “immigrant exploited for £8/week” headline within hours and I never got a prize. Humph.

  3. Polly Toynebee by a mile. The the ears of the peasants of Tuscany are ringing to her screams of ecstasy as I write.

  4. Oops? Really Mr Whickham? Who said this WASN’T a state facility? What should the woman have done, taken herself to The Tim Worstall Memorial Scandium Hospital (special reductions for the mentally ill). Worstall misses the point spectacularly, but it gave you the chance to try and be clever didn’t it Ian?

  5. Anyway, let’s console ourselves with the thought that a tragedy like this could never occur in the UK.

    Reports are already stating that 6 members of the hospital concerned have been fired over the incident. The NHS solution would have been to suspend all concerned on full pay for a year or two whilst investigations were conducted & then reinstate them with promotions along with statement that: ‘ lessons have been learned’.

    The Yanks are so callous in their treatment of caring professionals. It’s a disgrace.

  6. I fail to see how ‘Worstall misses the point spectacularly..’, but perhaps Mr Power is on a furlough from that aforementioned Tim Worstall Memorial Scandium Hospital….

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