London Violence Versus Paris Violence

No, I\’ve got no figures here at all, just a question:

For London has recently felt like a far more violent capital city than Paris. According to official figures from Inhes, nobody was stabbed to death this year in the French capital and its neighbouring suburbs, whereas in London 19 teenagers have died during knife and gun attacks since the beginning of the year. Significantly, according to this report from Inhes, more than 80% of acts of physical violence in France are committed without any weapon. However, their number has been increasing over the years: 164,359 acts of physical violence against people have been reported to the police in 2006, a 10.6% increase compared to 2005. At the same time, however, in Paris, there has been a decrease of 4.9% of these attacks, down to 33,400 (see details here).

Paris is a much smaller city, so the absolute numbers will of course be different. However, here\’s the question. How much of this difference can be explained by the fact that in London, the slums are actually in the city, while in Paris, they\’re all well beyond it, in the (hope I get these words right) the banlieus beyond the peripherique?

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  1. I wish she’d cited the Inhes figures – the link just goes to the homepage, from which searching for “meurtre” doesn’t come up with anything. If nobody’s actually been stabbed in Paris this year, then mine’s un sandwich aux chapeaux…

  2. Judging the different sizes and demographics of the two cities, it can scarcely make for a valid comparison. London shifting the more probably knife-wielding members of its population to the surrounding countryside would not eliminate the problem, only export it. Actually, I shouldn’t give the Labour party any ideas, because they know that crimes in the countryside don’t count.

  3. The answer is to some extent yes but:

    It’s hard to walk around Parisian streets at night without seeing a policeman patrolling on foot.

    Parisian police don’t give a monkey’s about the the hurt feelings of ethnic minorities. A group of blacks or N. Africans will get hustled very quickly.

    If you object to the police’s attitude you really, really won’t like the CRS.

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