Morgan\’s Advertising Slogan

I think I\’ve just found it, from the mouth of their PR man.

"After all," he says cheerfully, "everyone should have more than one car anyway, for different kinds of driving. That\’s just common sense."

2 thoughts on “Morgan\’s Advertising Slogan”

  1. I remember an old Troubleshooter tv show about Morgan. Sir John Harvey-Jones arrives to improve efficiency and looks around, looking suitably dismayed by the hand-made construction. (I think they even wheeled the chassis across a road to complete it in another building.)

    At one point he talks to the sales manager.

    JHJ: “So, Morgan have a six year waiting list? All your production is already sold for the next six years?”

    SM: “That’s right.”

    JHJ: “So, what do they need a sales manager for?”

    As I recall they pretty much ignored Harvey-Jones and carried on as they always have.

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