We can expect the Guardian to be all over this, can\’t we? Outraged squeals from Larry Elliott, Will Hutton and yes, our own beloved Polly? No?

Look what\’s happening! A charity sells out of a productive UK business and then parks the money. No, they don\’t invest again in UK jobs, they\’re not supporting our economy, nor hard working union types. They\’re parking the money in a private investment fund. Really….private equity, hedge funds possibly. Abroad too.

No, really, they will say something about this, won\’t they? About the duty of those who benefit from the UK\’s infrastructure, about those shielded from UK taxation, about their duty to invest properly in the UK.


2 thoughts on “My Word”

  1. What! A socialist drivel – sorry driven – paper doing things profoundly unethical like tax avoidance and hedge-fund use? I dont believe it!

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