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Dr Brewer\’s comments follow research earlier this year for the Fatherhood Institute which revealed that almost three-quarters of men believe a child\’s relationship with its mother is valued more highly than with its father.

That\’s really rather a turn up for the books isn\’t it? Who are these 25% of men?

I\’d be absolutely astonished if we could find a society, any himan society, where this was not in fact true.

"We are creating a generation of fathers who have never actually spent a day alone with their children, who don\’t actually know what goes in a lunch box."

I\’d also be astonished to hear that this was not true of previous generations. Can anyone point me to a time in British history when men were more engaged in their children\’s upbringing than they are now?

Don\’t get me wrong, I\’m not a complete curmudgeon. I\’m not saying that men shouldn\’t be more involved….I\’m just rather bemused by this insistence that they are less so now than they were in the past or are elsewhere. That\’s simply not something that I believe is true.

3 thoughts on “My Word!”

  1. What bollox. Fathers are far more involved than they used to be, though expectation might have risen faster.

  2. Serf is correct.
    My “old man” never had a clue what was in my lunchbox. That had nothing to do with his ability to parent. We’ve changed our expectations. That doesn’t mean we can measure old fathers with our new ruler.

  3. My father wouldn’t have had a clue what I was up to 95% of the time, and that was all well and good. The difference is that I knew who he was and he was part of the family, whereas the real problem is those fathers who aren’t and can get away with it.

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