One For the Anthropologists

Or perhaps the Veblenites.

Bryan Appleyard finds some Iranian special type peaches. They\’re great.

His enjoyment of them is reduced when he finds out that they are also sold in M&S.

Positional goods? Conspicuous consumption? Not quite the right descriptions, are they. Anyone got the right phrase to describe this?

9 thoughts on “One For the Anthropologists”

  1. How about “The My-Favourite-Indie-Band-That-Only-I-And-A-Few-Select-Others-Really-Appreciated-Has-Gone-Mainstream Effect”?

  2. “Desperate Snob”?

    I know the shops – three in a row – and they’re owned by really nice people. They’ve been selling those peaches – which *are* exceptionally delicious although they look as if they’ve been sat on – for at least three years now.

    What poor old Appleyard doesn’t seem to realise is that they’re now being sold in every other greengrocers stall and even non-posh grocery stores. Bad luck!

  3. I think that conspicuous consumption is about right, if you extend it not just to be about showing how much money you have, but also how well connected/intelligent you are.

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