You know, there\’s something tickling at the back of my mind here:

Mothers on the new deal will now keep all the maintenance they get from absent fathers, on top of their benefits, which at least removes the last vestige of an excuse for the majority of absent fathers who pay nothing.

So, erm, both the father of the children and the taxpayer will end up paying for the children? Have I got that right?

Mothers will now get whatever the benefit level is for a child plus whatever maintenance they get? Paid twice over?


2 thoughts on “Polly Today”

  1. Yes, but only if they move from income support to the intensive “get a job” programme. It’s a short-term bribe to encourage benefit-dependent mothers back to work, which doesn’t strike me as a terrible use of taxpayers’ money (although yes, cutting marginal rates for low-income workers would be better).

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