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Germaine Greer.

Every few weeks, the British get into a bate about what it means to be British and how we might teach the foreigners who keep on turning up in our midst \’British values\’. The most important legacy the British left the old Empire, now the disappearing and despised Commonwealth, is the package of British liberties, of which most important is probably habeas corpus, by which no one is to be imprisoned without trial. The Australian Federal Court justified its action in striking down the NSW law against annoying pilgrims by reference to the \’common law\’, the most precious inheritance any Briton can claim.

Odd to be agreeing with the ol\’gal but when she\’s right she\’s right.

3 thoughts on “Quite”

  1. Ha! An article like that in Australia wouldn’t exactly endear Germs to our left-wing. All this talk of ‘British values’ and the legacy of Empire and Commonwealth sounds just a tad conservative for our progressive types.

    Indeed, a year or so back Germs wrote a long essay, ‘Whitefella Jump Up’, which they probably would have seen to be a repudiation of colonialism and British cultural values. (She argued that Australia was an Aboriginal nation, and that we should look upon ourselves from an Indigenous viewpoint.)

    She’s canny enough here to distract the attention and sympathies of left-wing readers by reference to WYD and ‘anti-annoyance’ laws, but it’s funny, you know – Germs is sounding more like a conservative child of the Robert Menzies ‘for Queen and Empire and Commonwealth’ years. (Clive James is probably another example.)

  2. I nearly ran her down on my bike onc. She was too grand to look before sweeping across the road.

  3. It is because those values are so precious, that we should have already disbanded the commonwealth in favour of a free democratic alliance. The commonwealth is not even able to exert any influence on the dictatorships in its midst, and far too often it splits along ethnic fault lines.

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