Quote of the Day II

And then all the techie stuff: “The information revolution can give real power and control to individuals…” Heavens to Betsy, a portly Etonian in his forties finally gets his iPod working and he thinks that he\’s Bill Gates.

Giles Coren on David Cameron.

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day II”

  1. A second-generation media noble feels the chill of disintermediation hollowing out his demesne, and reflexively, hilariously, hacks at one of the messengers with his soon to be obsolete broadsword. Oh brave new world that hath such creatures in it !

  2. “The information revolution can give real power and control to individuals…”(Heavens to Betsy)*

    If it does the political class will shit a brick.

    * The last & indeed only time I’ve ever heard that expression used in real life it was by a Noo Joyzee 12 year old in 1963 .

  3. Actually Tim, I think you are a bit unkind to Mr Cameron. He is after all, ‘just’ a PR man. We already know he is weak on both technology and basic economics through the house windmill thingy that he bought.

    More to the point, and a couple of paragraphs earlier in Mr Giles Coren’s most excellent critique, were the superb two paragraphs:

    “When I have a column to write in The Times, I sweat over it a bit. I try to come up with an original idea, and then to convey it in sentences that have a bit of zip.

    You, you just turn it over to some gap-toothed flunky at Central Office who simply rolls out the old manifesto clichés and proves the very point that you were trying to rebut – that you have nothing to say.”

    I too having nothing to say but the obvious: a man who’s main skill is PR should PR(esent) it better.

    Best regards

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