Race and Genetics

Nice piece here. Can be rather summed up by PJ O\’Rourke\’s comment on sex.

There are times when the difference between men and women is crucial: like when trying to make babies. There are also times when the differences are not important: like when trying to trade bonds.

So with race: when looking for things like Tay Sachs, cystic fibrosis, beta blockers, sickle cell anaemia, genetic background is important. When discussing civil liberties it\’s irrelevant.

2 thoughts on “Race and Genetics”

  1. To the people who claim that “race” is merely culture, perhaps it’s not irrelevant to civil liberties, or, at least, needn’t logically be irrelevant. These would be deep waters, if only their claim weren’t so shallow.

  2. When they come knocking on your door
    (or kick it in ) because you are the wrong colour / tribe it can matter a hell of a lot.
    In England they are more civilised – if you are white well go to the end of the queue – well diversity must be right.

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