Racist Anti-Semite Sues Bloggers!

Read all about it here. The plaintiff doesn\’t really have a leg to stand on:

A member of Hamas has no reputation to defend.


So, all together now.

I\’m Harry!


3 thoughts on “Racist Anti-Semite Sues Bloggers!”

  1. “Let’s harry the idiot lawyers too.”

    ‘Idiot’ seems about right…

    “The letter is from Dean and Dean, a firm of solicitors who are acting for Mr Sawalha. Mr Sawalha has demanded that we take down certain articles from Harry’s Place, and publish an apology “in the attached wording”.

    The solicitors have failed to attach the apology that Mr Sawalha insists we publish. “

    I don’t think they have much to worry about.

  2. Having read the comments threads over at Harry’s place many times I can’t say I’m too excited about this. Most debates there seem to degenerate into adjectival wars with accusations of RACIST! ANTI-SEMETIC! NEOCON! HOMOPHOBE! & of course the all purpose FASCIST! flying about willy nilly. Then there’s the hurt feelings of the commentators who’ve had the above adjectives used about them to be waved around like bleeding wounds.

    OK, the guys who run the site are probably less barking than most of the left & do have some valid points of view but when you’re major obsession is what label you’re going to stick on someone what do you expect?

    They should have called the tosser from Hammas a C**T! & left it at that. (I don’t think that expression is actionable.) If Sawalha wants to make speeches about ‘evil Jews’ what’s the problem? That he thinks or says it? I don’t suppose he was speaking to a hostile audience so who’s he offended? And I don’t suppose Sawalha makes a practice of visiting Harry’s place so what’s his beef?

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