It really is quite hard to look at the world today and say that what it needs is less regulation and more unbridled market forces.

That\’s Larry Elliott that is. I can think of at least a few regulations the ditching of which would make the world a better place.

Let\’s start with the insane, counter-productive and absurd biofuels targets shall we?

The similarly insane, counter-productive and absurd farm protection plans in the US, EU and Japan?

The protectionist trade barriers that impoverish both EU consumers and those that would sell to them?

Extend this list as you wish.

6 thoughts on “Really?”

  1. It’s really quite hard to look at a paragraph like that and think anything other than that Larry Elliot should be fucking well hung drawn and quartered. Slowly. Twat.

  2. Laws to scrap:
    1) Laws that are not concerned with the internal and external defence of the realm or the enforcement of contract law
    2) Errm…
    3) that’s it

    So bye-bye government-run schools, hospitals, pensions, roads, railways, farms, charities, town planning, research science etc. etc ad libertam. Hello dwindling of state spending to

  3. arrgh, my less than sign was eaten (bad comment software! Bad! Naughty!)

    should read: …dwindling of state spending to <10% of GDP, wholesale rout of the enemy class, skyrocketing growth, general prosperity, trebles all round.

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