Sad Really…

Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, has defended the Government\’s proposal to impose substantial increases in road taxes on the drivers of second-hand cars.

I\’ve heard on the grapevine that Benn is both an intelligent and sensible man (well, that tiny part of the political grapevine that I have access to seems to think so). So why is he defending such utter tosh?

We know that petrol is already over-taxed in the UK, we know that it already covers all of its direct and environmental costs and more to boot. There is no valid argument for raising taxation on either cars or fuel further. The only problem left is congestion and that\’s not dealt with by such flat taxation anyway.

So why\’s he doing this?

6 thoughts on “Sad Really…”

  1. I think you’re looking at this the wrong way. You’re thinking like someone grounded in maths and economics, when the Government looks at the issue of climate change like a child in a toy shop. They see lots of shiny toys and they want them. All the toys back at home suddenly seem cheap and dirty, embarrassments when instead they could have the new shiny windmills and hybrid cars.

    So they want us to throw away all the old cars and go out and buy shiny new, slightly-less-polluting ones. And when technology moves on in five years and knocks another 10% off emissions, they will stamp their feet and scream and demand we do it all again.

    It’s only money after all, and they’ve got lots of it.

  2. Another stab in the eye for anyone keen to recycle – or just extend the life of – items with a huge carbon cost when being built. Penalise the environmentally friendly – and while you’re at it penalise those who only travel a few hundred miles a year by making them pay the same as people who travel tens of thousands of miles. That’s value. The road tax is a mechanism to ensure that you continue to use your car incurring gargantuan fuel taxes in order to justify the insane cost of ‘keeping the road network in traffic cones and management seminars for the upper reaches of the bureaucracy’.

  3. He belongs to a party that want to keep as large a section of the population dependent on the state – cars get in the way of public transport where we are at the whim of the state.
    And also they need a morass of poor people to feel morally superior when they talk about helping.

    Maybe he is just a people hater like a large section of the green movement

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