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How Sweden took sex of its streets

Odd people those Swedes. I didn\’t know that you could have male and female streets in the first place, let alone measure which was which.




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  1. The closest I’ve seen was a minor comic book character from about 20 years ago — Grant Morrison’s run on Doom Patrol included in its cast a transvestite thoroughfare called Danny the Street — full of good macho shops like hardware stores, gun shops and bars, but all dressed up with lace and frou-frou curtains in the windows.

  2. They were also running “Civil servant’s £128 million in bonuses” until someone spotted the misplaced apostrophe that, in this case, makes all the difference in the world.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    In German “street” is der Strasse. That is, masculine.

    In French it is la rue. Which would be feminine I dimly remember.

    Surely those streets have gender if not sex. Perhaps Sweden decided to remove such sexist concepts from their language? (OK I know they didn’t and it is just a moronic Sub-editor, but in theory it might happen)

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