That EPA Report

I have to admit, I can\’t find it, although I\’m told it\’s posted right there on their website.

The White House buried a report prepared by US government scientists which detailed a rising death toll from heat waves, fires, disease and smog they predicted would be caused by global warming.

Environmental advocates accused President George W Bush\’s administration of delaying the release of the 149-page report so that it could avoid regulating greenhouse gases.

The newspaper reports I\’ve seen (four or five so fafr) all seem to have come from an agency, making much the same points in much he same language:

It suggests that extreme weather events and diseases carried by ticks and other organisms could kill more people as temperatures rise and allergies could worsen because climate change could produce more pollen. Smog, a leading cause of respiratory illness and lung disease, could become more severe in many parts of the country. At the same time, global warming could mean fewer illnesses and deaths due to cold.

As Bjorn Lomborg has been known to point out, one of the things we\’re actually interested in is tha balance there: will the deaths from heat etc be greater than the number of non-deaths from reduced cold? No one sems to be making that point……so, anyone actually seen the report itself so that we can find out whether it does?

Update: got it, thanks Vaclav.


4 thoughts on “That EPA Report”

  1. How is smog linked to climate change? Smog is a very localised problem, caused by particulate pollution.

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  3. I think the Bush Administration should have thrown it back at the EPA by asking them why it is as that every measure of smog and air pollution has fallen dramatically since the 1970s despite the rise in temperatures since?


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