That European Arrest Warrant

Such a lovely thing, isn\’t it?

You can be hauled off, no evidence required, to another country where you can be held for up to 18 months without charge.

You see, our fellow members of the European Union don\’t in fact have habeas corpus. Nor jury systems, most of them.

Aren\’t we so, sooo, lucky to be in an ever closer union with them and aren\’t we soooo, sooooo, lucky that we\’ve signed away the rights our forefathers fought for and, in some cases, died for?

This is the other side of, the cost of, common rules on the composition of compotes.

Well worth it, don\’t you think?

4 thoughts on “That European Arrest Warrant”

  1. Yeah, and your principal fellow member of the British Union doesn’t in fact have habeas corpus either.

  2. Never mind Tim! Just imagine the looks on the foreigners’ faces when they’re hauled in a 42 days without charge or access to legal representation.

    That’ll teach ’em.

    Oh, and in the UK there’s no double jeopardy, meaning the UK can prosecute them over and over for the same offense until the State gets the result it wants.

    In Northern Ireland they haven’t had jury trials for years – just three judges. Its a sound system.

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