The EU Promotes Child Labour

So the baobab fruit can now be imported for consumption into hte European Union. My word, how lucky we are to have such selfless bureaucrats working so hard to protect us.

Pity they didn\’t check on the production methods:

The baobab (or upside-down tree, as it is also known) is fiercely guarded by villagers who only allow specially trained children to climb its branches to collect the fruit.

How excellent, providing work for generations of children.

1 thought on “The EU Promotes Child Labour”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I am sure they can train monkeys or something.

    Just so the EU will be happy.

    No doubt those children will be able to find alternative employment entertaining fat middle aged German businessmen named Gunter. And the odd Belgian, Brit and Swede as well.

    So then all will be happy.

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