Those Greens, Eh?

What Wags.

Picketing the very conference you\’re speaking at.

3 thoughts on “Those Greens, Eh?”

  1. The publicity material for the Summit is instructive. “Fighting climate change fatigue”, it says here: “How to keep stakeholders engaged.”

    And: “The Guardian Climate Change Summit will bring together senior executives and decision makers to discuss strategies to keep the consumer engaged and fight against climate change.”

    This sounds to me rather like saying that the punters have started to get bored with the greenwash, they therefore need to figure out how to win back their attention, so they’re going to have a conference to work on what greenwash should do next.

    So rather than head indoors to give it added credibility, maybe she should have just stayed on the picket line.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    The IRA’s policy was The Bullet and the Ballot – so that they would fight and yet hoped they would win elections too. As they did.

    Perhaps the Greens are learning from them – the Protest and the Preaching? Soften them up with a little bit of intimidation and bullying going in and then bore them into submission.

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