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At the ASI.

That Joseph Rowntree report: we should take the poor out of tax.

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  1. Whilst I agree with the need to help the low paid and it is ludicrous to tax them with one hand and give some/all/more back with the other, there is a moral hazard.

    What incentive do those who aren’t being taxed have to consider the wider picture when it comes to a GE? If they aren’t taxed why bother voting for a party that wants to reduce the taxes of those who do pay?

    No representation without taxation?

  2. To tweak The Great Simpleton’s question:

    If they aren’t dependent on benefits why bother voting for a party that does not want to lower taxes?

  3. Actually, TGS, in your first paragraph you isolate one of the specific, omnipresent, and ineradicable inferiorities of the public vs private sector–simply that, in addition to whatever other deficits might be found, the public sector always has to pay more to accomplish the very same thing. But, seen from the position of those effecting the specific redistribution, the same waste appears to be benefit: the provision of employment for greater numbers and advancement for their supervisors: (which translates to the enlargement of those two specific voting constituencies. The Founders, in tying voting to propertyholding, understood the matter quite as well as do we today.

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