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At the ASI.

Trust and acceptance of risk do seem to be inheritable (although nature or nurture is still at issue) so we do have a transmission mechanism for Greg Clark\’s thesis of why the Industrial Revolution happened here.

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  1. If this were the case, as demographics changed, so would national character. Wonder how past influxes of people affected England this way – if they did.

  2. If that’s the right reason for the event of the IR. I thought Clark didn’t give enough weight to the role of foreign trade; inventors finding a better way to make cloth knew they could sell to the whole world, in colossal quantities.
    This continues, if you have free trade. Inventors don’t think about their own region – they have the world.
    The great modern error is to think that nations become rich selling to their home market (so Europe has to have a large home market, so we have the EU, the euro, etc.) Completely wrong.
    Inheritance does have something to do with it, though. Careers run in families – some are in business, some the professions, some are manual workers.
    Influxes of populations mix genes, family traditions and the meme of how to get rich. I don’t think Clark could disentangle it. I thought the evidence was stretched.

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