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Localism and rising income inequality.

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  1. On “localism” and your comment about American “Liberals”-it is because the “locals” might do something not “correct” in matters of schools, welfare, mass transit, power plants, etc. However, at the Village, Township, and County (that do not contain a large city) levels the USA local goverments function pretty much as the descriptions of the other countries mentioned. My township (about 15,000 pop. and 24 square miles) operates planning and zoning, streets and roads, water and sewer, garbage collection, law enforcement, fire and EMS depts., animal control, and maintains the three parks and a marina. This is by three elected trustees. The k-12 school system borders are coincident, but it is operated by a Board of 5 elected members. The township is funded by a portion of local property taxes and specific levys as well as a share of sales tax on spending within the Township boundaries. The schools are funded by a portion of the property taxes, specific levies and bond issues albeit with a hefty input by the Feds and the State. The surest way for a State Representative candidate to be defeated is to advocate for more State or Federal roles in “Home Rule” issues. However, the tactic of unfunded mandates issued from on high by the feds is having the effect of that anyway.

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