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Timmy Elsewhere

Off to Londonistan for the UKIP London Region hustings.

Starts at 2 pm at Conway Hall…..should all be over by 5 pm I would think. Anyone fancy a wander down to the Chalk and Cheese or some such that arvo?

UPDATE: it\’ll be the Princess Louise, in Holborn, from about 5. The Devil will be there from 4, so come along and have a few…

3 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. So how did it go?

    Tim adds: Interesting. Small crowd, that’s for sure. But the various potential candidates were an interesting bunch. I stood out like a sore thumb for my lack of campaigning experience: but also stood out for the fact that I’ve got a (small) media voice which is something that no other candidate does. It’s going to be interesting to see how the vote goes: I’m pretty certain that I won’t top the list simply because I can’t reach the vast majority of the London members to tell them what a wonderful bloke I am (ahem).

  2. Thanks for the pint. I never got round to boring you with my standard lecture on why sales taxes (e.g. VAT) and Employer’s NI are the worst taxes, as I was too busy being attacked on LVT.

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