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Finally, somone admits that maternity leave damages womens\’ careers and Steve and Barry\’s: how to lose money as a retailer even when you\’re not paying rent.


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  1. Regarding paternity leave, I say Bring It On. Because then I as an employer can fire mothers and fathers when they drop sprogs and bugger off: it’s not gender bias, is it? All of which makes me wonder: if as an employer I change the contracts to give fathers the same rights, I can then start right now to fire parents for buggering off, can’t I?

    Oh, I do so love unintended consequences, the very hallmark of the Left.

  2. BlacquesJacquesShellacques

    “If legislation goes this way, companies will discriminate against us beautiful people and only hire the pug-uglies.”

    Dunno where you look but what I see is plenty of vast, ugly, toad women pushing prams wherever I go.

  3. Now there’s interesting! My first name peaked in the earlies, slump during the sixties (when I was born) and then climbs again from the late seventies til now. My second name performs in exactly the opposite way.

    Does this mean I am chronologically balanced?

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