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The point of taking exercise is maximum effort, not maximum efficiency, surely?

Also, we\’re ruled by morons, but then we knew that. Consider it olds not news.


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  1. I don’t know about that – isn’t the point that it’s more enjoyable if you are better at it, and so you can do it for longer, and that offsets the efficiency gains?

    Having a badly serviced bike does require more effort, but you just end up not cycling after a while.

  2. It’s a bit like you people who push bike around the roads to keep fit – if you had a proper sit up and beg bike and wore plus twos, Norfolk jacket and decent brogues you would get much fitter than you do by squeezing yourselves into Lycra sausage skins and mounting titanium velocipedes..

  3. On the other point, we have been re-using plastic carrier bags for years. They come in handy for wrapping noxious rubbish before putting it into the bin. Also, if I am setting aside old clothes and shoes for the jumble sale, or the Sally Army collection point, I wrap them in the used (but clean) bags. Just about everyone around here has one of those drawstring bags on the back of the kitchen door, for holding your spare placky bags.

  4. economists…”that you had so lovingly collected and expensively paid” (from the cited Spectator

    Tim–it’s a mistaken assumption of yours (and many others) that government hires economists to advise them of economically astute views, especially with regard to choices among policies. What government actually does is to hire men trained to justify, with economic argument, policies in which it wishes to engage. And, for the most part, it is entirely unnecessary to tell such men what choices are desirable (from the authority’s POV): they have not only the natural inclination but have spent years of intense preparation. Bismark rightfully (and very perceptively dubbed such specialists–all those years ago–as “the intellectual bodyguard of the house of Hohenzollern.” Most of the men best-fitted for actually helping government distinguish between beneficial and detrimental policies are not in the running for such jobs or even in the pool from which such are selected (and probably wouldn’t take ’em if offered).

  5. Gene Berman is — depressingly — on the money, which suggests a wonderfully efficient use for excess plastic grocery bags: place them over the heads of government-sponsored economists, draw them tight about the throat, wait until the thrashing has stopped, and use the corpses to feed pigs.

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