Trust Not the State

So, you\’ve got a little contract running with your local council. In return for eye watering amounts of council tax, they agree to come and empty your bins. It\’s the only service that many actually get from their councils. That contract is now being changed:

The proposed changes amount to a reversal of the basic right of all households to have their rubbish collected, which was enshrined in law by the Public Health Act 1875.

The government is to give councils the power to refuse to collect rubbish if home owners fail to abide by draconian rules which may include leaving bins in the right place, sticking to weight restrictions and following strict recycling policies.

Out in the commercial world when a contract change of this type is sought both sides have to agree that the change will take place. Here the 24 million households on one side of the contract are simply being told what will happen.

As Perry continually reminds us, the State is not you friend

4 thoughts on “Trust Not the State”

  1. Pogo is right. They will twist and turn looking for any excuse to get out of emptying your bins, but they will take you to court to get you to pay for what they aren’t providing.

  2. There is an argument for having the local authority collecting the trash, and making it statutory. It’s no good paying a private contractor to collect your own rubbish if you are still exposed to vermin from the neighbours uncollected trash because they haven’t signed up.

    But statutory works both ways. The councils must be obliged to collect it. Otherwise people who have paid their council tax, and recycled as much as they can, remain exposed to the health hazards from the uncollected dustbins of recycling defaulters in the neighbourhood.

    The councils got railroaded into this recycling free-for-all. They are trying to comply on the cheap, by forcing householders to spend unpaid man-hours not just sorting, but washing tins, bottles, jars, folding tetrapacks, squashing plastic pop-bottles, taking all the staples out of documents, etc. But ultimately the whole shooting match is still going to stink for a fortnight until it is taken away.
    And all we ever wanted them to do was take it away, every week.

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