Tsk My Lord, Tsk

Labour\’s choice should be made between sticking with Mr Brown until May 2010, which might be the wisest course, or switching to an early election under Harriet Harman – a high-risk strategy, but not unthinkable. It would make some sort of political sense.

It\’s not nice to tease the Labour Party so. Suggesting that Harry Harperson might prevent a complete electoral breakdown is a very good joke, but dressing it up as a serious column so that no one notices your tongue firmly in cheek is simply cruel.

2 thoughts on “Tsk My Lord, Tsk”

  1. That’s one of the things that makes Labour’s problems so entertaining, the fact that things can still get a lot worse, whether by having Harman as PM or by doing the bidding of their paymasters in the Trade Unions.

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