UUP Merger

Whether it\’s the UUP that he should be merging with is one thing:

David Cameron is to launch the biggest shake-up of the Conservative Party for decades as part of a bold plan to win support across the whole of the United Kingdom.

The Tories are to forge a new party with the Ulster Unionists to try to secure broader backing for Mr Cameron before the next election.

It might have been better to simply run Conservative candidates there. As they\’ve consistently (as has Labour) refused to do.

But to make Northern Ireland politics "normal" seems like a dman good idea.

4 thoughts on “UUP Merger”

  1. Merging with a sectarian party composed exclusively of members of the fundamentalist Orange Order seems to me to be a strange way of trying to secure broader backing.

  2. Northern Irish politics is the baseline for normality. You only get the snivelling platitudes of Westminster when there’s a trough big enough for everyone to have a chance to stuff their snouts in. Money and free(ish) markets – they emasculate violence and you get the outbreak of pleasantry (comparative) that’s metastasizing in Northern Irish politics now.

  3. I guess they are still the Conservative and Unionist Party. With the UUP at such a low ebb this will be a takeover rather than a partnership. Rather than go into this sort of coalition they should just be serious at standing there as C&U candidates.

    Finally the hopes of Airey Neave may come true

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