Weird on the Intertubes

For the last hour and a half or so all sorts of sites (including this one, the site for the hosts, the Speccie, Bishop Hill, various US sites as well) have been coming up as 503, or can\’t find, various types of "nope, you can\’t go there sonny".

Other sites (the newspapers say) have been coming up just fine.

What\’s the likely cause of this? My internet supplier having problems with its servers somewhere?

2 thoughts on “Weird on the Intertubes”

  1. Sounds like your ISP runs a transparent proxy service which is broken. Content that cannot be cached because the HTTP headers set max age to zero were never cached anyway, and so are not affected. Looking at the Telegraph’s headers (for example) you can see this

  2. Oddly, I get this sometimes with your site only. I also get the 404 lookup error and a different message from the browser telling me the page request is being dealt with in such a way as to never complete. Only seems to happen here at Chez Worstall. I have no idea why, sorry.

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