Well, Yes, I\’d Say So

As housebuilders decrease their workloads dramatically, experts say that it is now unlikely that the Government will meet its target of building three million homes by 2020, at a rate of 240,000 a year in England.

Wouldn\’t you?

4 thoughts on “Well, Yes, I\’d Say So”

  1. As at March 2008, there were 2.2 million in construction, per Table 5(1) of this. How many of those jobs will still exist in a year’s time?

    To the nearest round million, I’d say none.

    Although the impact on UK unemployment figures will not be so dramatic as I guess at least half are from Eastern Europe and they will skedaddle.

  2. “To the nearest round million, I’d say none”

    I’d bet you a sizeable amount of money that to the nearest round million, it’s 1.

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