Residents in a hamlet in the Yorkshire Dales are furious after being told that they would have to push their wheelie bins 1½ miles miles to a nearby village to be emptied.

The residents of Litherskew, in Upper Wensleydale, were told by Richmondshire District Council that their bins must be taken to Sedbusk for collection. The alternative was for them to leave their bins in the village and transport their rubbish by car.

Worth paying your council tax for, don\’t you think?

2 thoughts on “What Service!”

  1. Time for hamlet-dwellers to organise an expedition to Richmond with their wheelie-bins in the back of a truck, and dump the lot on the Council Offices reception desk?

  2. Carrying your goods miles by hand – that’s just what the environmentalists want isn’t it? To go back to the Georgian era?

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