You Can Pass a Law

And you can make promises, but that doesn\’t mean that anything will actually happen.

The Government is lagging far behind its own targets to cut carbon emissions, a Parliamentary environment watchdog announced.

Government departments and agencies have pledged to reduce their carbon emissions by 12.5 per cent in 2010-11, compared with levels in 1999-00, and to go carbon neutral in 2012.

But the Government had only reduced its emissions by 4 per cent by 2006-07, which was "very poor progress", according to the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC).

So much for all that campaigning for "legally enforcable" reductions in emissions then.

4 thoughts on “You Can Pass a Law”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    If all my dealings with tax officials have taught me one thing (and they haven’t) it is that there is not only one law for Them and another for Us, but even when the same law applies to both of us, it doesn’t apply to them.

    Just compare the treatment you get when you make a mistake on your taxes and the treatment you get when they make a mistake on your taxes. On the whole I think the former is slightly politer.

    Why should CO2 be any different?

  2. I guess Gordo will have to sack all the MPs and local councillors and become a dictator, reluctantly of course, but necessary to save the planet.

  3. Passing laws without any means or intention of enforcing them is the British Parliamentary Disease.

    And besides which, shutting down the entire British economy and all Brits returning to the Stone Age would cause a carbon emissions fall which would be equalled by China’s growth in less than 13 months.

    Never mind gesture politics, this is futile gesture politics.

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