A simple answer.

As I pestered my centre left friends, one of them provided a striking response. Not only, he said, did the electorate get it right in 1992, he couldn\’t think of a single election since universal suffrage in 1928 where the voters had got the election wrong. And you know what? I think my friend has got a point.

Indeed, he\’s got an excellent point. The system\’s called democracy, what the demos wants the demos gets (good and hard as the saying goes). Rather the point of it all actually…..



(Yes, of course, I know this isn\’t Danny\’s (pbuh) point but still….)

4 thoughts on “A simple answer.”

  1. A majority is simply a surrogate for God’s preference for “big, well-equipped battalions.”

    Whether it “gets it right” or not isn’t the point–that’s simply a matter of opinion or preference.

    The superiority of democracy is to be seen solely in a single benefit: those opposed to the conduct, policies, or world-view of any particular government need not resort to force of arms in order that their views prevail: their effort may be spent on propaganda and persuasion that theirs is the better way and will get their chance to so demonstrate, provided that they have been successful in securing a majority of the votes.

    As other wags have commented, it the “least worst” method or “the very worst except for the rest.”

    Democracy fails when (as observed by the U.S.’s second president, John Adams) the majority finds it can simply “vote itself money from the Treasury.” Democracy and the welfare state are ultimately incompatible.

  2. Only to people who are so ideologically blinkered and bigoted that they also thought the demos was badly wrong in 1997.

    (ideologically inverted, see also: 2010)

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