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This character Yoko Oyes that appears on several comment threads about the place. People tell me it\’s the Dirty European Socialist under another name.

I dunno really, I just dunno.

There is a new comment on the post "The energy windfall tax arguments don\’t stack up".

Author: Yoko Oyes.
Sunny hundal is a bully and a thug. I hate him. I did nothing wrong but he allows insults to me the guy is a bully i hate indian men now. You guys are all bullies. I hope pakistan beat you nazi creeps. You are a #####. My comments were good you jusrt donlt like me cos indian men are all ladyboys with small willines. Thta is why you have small condom sizes sunny has a small willy.

Might it actually be Stanislas (?) the Polish plumber who used to turn up on Guido\’s threads trying out a new comic character?

There\’s not quite the same comic genius there just as yet but these things do take time to bed in, don\’t they?


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  1. Well, on some of his posts at LibCon he links through his username to the Dirty European Socialist blog, and DES has often flitted from username to username.

    So, unless its a deliberate trick by someone to catch us out, I’m pretty confident in saying Yoko == DES

  2. It’s DES. There simply cannot be two people so stupid and with such limited and pathetic and similar vocabulary.

    Either that or Yoko is in fact Guido taking the piss.

    It’s well worth reading through the comments in the post about Guido over at LibConsp. Shows very well the kind of dicks we’re dealing with..

  3. It’s well worth reading through the comments in the post about Guido over at LibConsp. Shows very well the kind of dicks we’re dealing with..

    I’d agree with that sentence, although possibly not with the context in which you meant it.

    Relatedly, this is funny.

    Tim adds: I agree, that’s very well done indeed.

  4. The overuse of the epithet “nazi pedo bully” means it’s a dead cert DES. He hangs out of the Telegraph blogs, and has had his account deleted countless times already.

    He claims to have post-graduate qualifications but admits that communications skills are not his forté. Ahem.

  5. OK sorry I apologise to Indians for that remark but not sikhs as he is a sikh.
    Sunny hundal allowed someone to insult me and then refused me the to reply., so i was very frustrated. OK i went over the top in my language. I apologise for my racial abuse ot Indians.
    But i hate him and his crappy blog, and his smally willy.

  6. OK it is me dirty again. I apologise for the racist remark. Except to sunny. The guy allowed some people to make offensive remarks about me on a deeply personal issue, and refused me the right to reply.
    You see I went on the post he made about the right wing saying the PM was mad and had aspergers syndrome.
    I made some rude but fairly serious comments about people with aspergers syndrome suffering abuse, and bigotry in society, and later some ##### called conchis called me a freak for this. Normally i would have blown a gaskett staright away at that and just called the guy paedo and all that. But I tried to remain calm. So I posted to be honest quite calm (for me) witty replies to conchis saying he was a sad ilk etc: . Each time my replies were deleted while conchis’s deeply offensive post was allowed to remain.
    I am sorry but this has upset me. It makes me think Sunnday thin it is ok to call people with aspergers synfrrome a freak but that they should refused the right to reply.
    So i blew a gaskett and wrote what you see. You know the biologcial fact that indian men have smaller willies than most other races, and all that stuff. I apoligise to indian men for that. but hey if you allow some guy like Sunny to speak for you then so what.

  7. “At least he has invested in a spellchecker.”

    But not one with an English dictionary.

    He’s very touchy about Asperger’s. Obviously someone told him he was borderline autistic. But the thing is, amateurs often confuse “Asperger’s” with the far more common “asshole” (see any IT department for examples of the type).

  8. “Might it actually be Stanislas (?) the Polish plumber…”

    Except Stanislav is funny. Particularly this post.

    DES is just puerile, as is the post john b links to. Must do better…

  9. “Kay Tie You are the who wants legalise drug abuse you sickoe. You are a ahole.”

    Ah bless.

    Yes, most senior police officers and people with intellect think drugs should be legalised. We can spell, too.

  10. Evidence of my comedy genius
    So there were two failed plots from blackburn to get rid of the PM.
    1) One wanted to stab in the back.
    2) One wanted to stab in the back and then blow is brains up.

  11. So you as someone in your view of Intellect think the public should become a slave race in drug abuse to the elites. You are a sickoe. So what about ther leading the tories and their drug abuse. Is cocaine abuse really appropraite for downing street.

  12. “So you as someone in your view of Intellect think the public should become a slave race in drug abuse to the elites.”

    Yeah, because that’s happening, isn’t it? I’d rather that people weren’t poisoned by criminals.

    If you care so much about people, why don’t you stop apologising for a Government-run health service that unnecessarily killed 8,324 people last year with C.difficile. And how many died from cocaine last year? 196.

  13. Kay tie that was a disease that killed them you might as well blame the government for cancer This disease happens in every nation. Do you relaise that?

  14. Most of the C. difficile deaths are preventable and are due to NHS negligence, as you well know.

    Perhaps if a tiny fraction of the money spent locking people in prison over cocaine use were instead spent on cleaning the fucking disgusting hospital wards, then a large number of the 8,324 people who were killed (note the verb: not the passive ‘died’) might still be alive.

    Fucking murderous socialists. It’s always the same: starts out as death by negligence and ends in the gulags or a bullet in the neck.

  15. Tim You are a bore.

    Kay Tie Rubbish the USA has a higher rate of MRSA than the UK. You fall for right wing propagada. It is just like the sick right wing propaganda abour MRSA where the right wing mad press gave the idea MRSA only happened in the UK when it had a higher rate in the USA. Where eh you have capaitalist healy system worse than Cuba. Are you saeriosuly suggesting capitalism would kill all germs. Grow up. Stop taking the cocaine.

  16. While I hate to admit DES has a point, it’s true that the UK’s rate of hospital-acquired infection is lower than the developed-world average, with much lower-than-average levels of MRSA and slightly higher-than-average levels of c. difficile.

  17. So john b you see the point. I am right. bu the my point to tim was to the tim with that rubbish party reptile website who say i was troll. I am not troll this whole post was baout me how can i be a troll on that basis

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