At Last! At Last!

A use for ID cards!

Voters may have to take some form of photographic ID into the polling station under controversial proposals to reform the electoral system announced today.

So, erm, how would this work with postal votes then?

3 thoughts on “At Last! At Last!”

  1. Or the online voting system – maybe all computers sold in the UK (or imported in) will have to have authentication terminals fitted and we’ll then all have to pay-per-use? That should save some money!

  2. There are parts of the country where electoral fraud and coersion has become rife since the advent of widespread postal voting.

    The great advantage of the old fashioned polling booth, is that no-one can demonstrate, to anyone else, how they voted.

    We need to go back to a clean electoral process. And the shenanigans surrounding control and access to ballot boxes need to end. Then, if we find ourselves represented by crooks, it will because we voted for them, fair and square.

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