At Least They Know Their Place

Isn\’t there something delighfully feudal about this?

I remember sitting in a campaign meeting during the Newbury bypass protests and marvelling at the weirdness of our coalition. In the front row sat the local squirearchy: brigadiers in tweeds and enormous moustaches, titled women in twin sets and headscarves. In the middle were local burghers of all shapes and sizes. At the back sat the scuzziest collection of grunge-skunks I have ever laid eyes on.

The old order seems to re-establish itself in the most unexpected places.

7 thoughts on “At Least They Know Their Place”

  1. Absolute cobblers. I take it you were never one of the cool kids who sat at the back of the bus or classroom? Up front is for geeks.

  2. I’d rather be a bucket of crap than George Monbiot. Although both are full of shit, you’ve still got a bucket.

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