Banning Pedlars

The truth of this attempt to ban pedlars seems to come at the end of this report:

"The LGA is calling on the government to reform the law through national legislation to protect the public and small businesses across the country."

What was it Adam Smith said? Businessmen seldom booze and chat together but it ends up in a conspiracy against the public? And when those local businessmen are able to capture the powers of the State (as, say, James Buchanan might add) then that conspiracy might be enforced by the legal powers that be?

That is, the pedlars of the cheap and the gimcrack might be banned in order to protect the workings of those a little higher up the retail markets? Not for the consumers\’ benefit, but for the competitors\’ to those pedlars.

Very Adam Smith in fact, very much the sort of actions of those guilds and restrictive corporations which he described unfavourably.

Sadly, the LGA might even believe its own propaganda.

1 thought on “Banning Pedlars”

  1. And there was I thinking that when you buy an alsatian dog from a bloke in the pub, and you get to take him home in a matchbox, it’s your own fault for being a credulous dork.

    My old Dad used to buy stuff from blokes who came selling door to door. He knew it was junk, but he chose to give them a break. He could have just said no. He could have put a sign on the gate saying no. We still can.

    But this initiative is just a way of pandering to the sensitivities of folk who feel uncomfortable saying no. It seems they must be shielded from ever having to say no, in public. Strikes me, there is something wrong there.

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