Black Dog

Lifting stories again without attribution.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is all The Guardian\’s Polly Toynbee despises: a Right-wing, chauvinistic Little Englander.

So she\’ll choke on her muesli to discover this year\’s UKIP rally in Bournemouth is sponsored by the British Humanist Association of which she\’s president. Dog is relishing the Polly and Nigel seaside love-in.

Vindico spotted it first of course.

Also worth getting the description of Nigel correct. Not "Little Englander" but "Great Briton". Rather more classically liberal than right-wing and it\’s odd to see someone with a German wife described as chauvinistic.

But at least they spelt his name right, yes?

9 thoughts on “Black Dog”

  1. They don’t seem to be listed – or is that a stealth deletion?

    Certainly, it doesn’t seem massively appropriate for an organisation dedicated solely to secular humanism to support a minor political party with a platform that – although by no means opposed to secular humanism – a lot of secular humanists will disagree with…

  2. I don’t really see the connection between having a German wife and being chauvinistic. By definition, UKIP is chauvinistic. For God’s sake it even flaunts its chauvinism in the title it has given itself! Being an extreme lover of one’s country does not preclude you from wanting to marry someone from elsewhere. In fact, it probably acts as an inducement so that benighted foreigners can get to learn how special your own wonderful country is.

  3. I don’t know a damn thing about organizations calling themselves “secular humanists,” As a matter of fact, I’d use such a term self-descriptively, though I belong to no such organization or movement.

    What (I think) most have in mind in using such a term (secular humanism) is its conflation with something overlapping but substantially different: militant secularism.

  4. UKIP’s marriage policy is a force for conversion… one foriegner at a time.
    So that is where I went wrong. If only I had married abroad I would be higher up the list.

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