Careful there

Jackie, you\’re rather leaving a window open there:

But almost all prizes are "unfair". Nobel peace prizes aren\’t available to most people either. Not every kid can win the sack race. I couldn\’t write a Booker-winning novel however long I sat at the keyboard. But prizes and competition raise our sights.

Scientists dream of recognition and work longer hours because of them; authors try harder; companies compete for pieces of plastic with engraved names, handed out at drunken award dinners. All this is human nature, and part of how we try to do better.

Entirely true, but people are also motivated by huge wads of cash. This might also be considered "unfair", indeed, your newspaper seems to exist to proclaim such unfairness. But it is part of human nature and it is part of how we try to do better.

2 thoughts on “Careful there”

  1. “Nobel peace prizes aren’t available to most people either.”

    And yet Al Gore managed to win one.

  2. As you like to say: Incentives work. It’s just nobody ever said what those incentives had to be.

    Still, it is strange to see La Bunting cheerleading such heretical, wingnut ideas in the Graun.

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