Catholicism and Tourette\’s

No, no, be nice, there isn\’t actually a link between the two, no, one does not cause the other.

However, could those who are both please make contact with this friend of this blog?

Spread the word a little if you\’ve a mind to….

3 thoughts on “Catholicism and Tourette\’s”

  1. Martin your blog does not allow unregistered comments, so I’m saying this here.

    There are many people in the worldwide Catholic community who are not able to attend scheduled services of mass or benediction. But last time I looked, all Catholics were entitled to the Sacrament administered by their own parish Priest.

    I can understand that your syndrome makes normal attendance unfeasible, but your own parish should be making special provision for you. So I am asking you, what is the problem, and where is it? Are you being denied the Sacrament?

  2. Monty,

    No, I’m not. My version of the condition does not include swearing or making obscene gestures – although I do have mobility problems, I’m able to attend Mass and the Sacraments. The reason for the original post was to make contact with other RC Tourettists, who might have such difficulties, and to help see what support they might need.

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