Coastal towns doomed by rising sea

We\’ll have those gorbal wormenists crawling out of the woodwork over this you know!

Work is already under way to identify parts of the south and east coast which are most threatened and Lord Smith said there would be hard decisions to be made about which areas to defend and which to allow the sea to reclaim.

But how amazing that the biggest risks are in the south and east. In the parts of the country which are sinking as a result of he end of the last ice age.

There might even be a connection you know.

5 thoughts on “Coastal towns doomed by rising sea”

  1. Make the areas they do not want to defend declare independence from the UK. I bet these “doomed” towns would thrive without UK taxes and regulations.

  2. The opening paragraph has nothing to do with the rest of the article. It starts on about sea level rises (a tiny, tiny threat) but swiftly moves on to coastal erosion – nothing to do with the theory of man made climate change whatsoever.

    The coast has been eroding for as long as it has been there. There are places where it has already been deemed uneconomical to protect with constructed sea defences and farmland is being returned to salt marshes instead.(The idea being a salt marsh can buffer big storms but defences might one day be breached with disastrous consequences.) There is also the growing realisation that protecting one part of the coast can speed up erosion in neighbouring places due altering the way in which sand is deposited and moved by waves.

    Nowt to do with climate change.

  3. Kit, exactly.

    Now, let’s assume that the only major item of public expenditure of these newly independent countries is sea defences, i.e. protecting land values, what sort of tax would you levy to cover the cost?

  4. Mark Wadsworth,
    How come we can designate National Parks, and Heritage Coasts, and maintain their pristine integrity by taxing all the folk who don’t live there? And having set that precedent, how do you tell some other bloke he just doesn’t qualify? That it somehow serves the bugger right?

    Why aren’t we getting all exercised about the other species, apart from Mankind, who will be driven out by the concept of acceptable land-loss?

    There is nothing about you, that is inherently better than me. And there is nothing about your surroundings, that is inherently better than mine.

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